resident evil: operation raccoon cityI can’t say I’m too surprised by how Resident Evil: ORC ended up. Back when it was announced last year, I was a little bit optimistic and it seemed like a cool idea. But looking over at Metacritic right now and seeing that huge orange square with a 54/100 brings things into perspective. The idea sounds alright on paper, and since its a spinoff I don’t really care that much that it decides to completely screw up the cannon and kill off main characters.

What I do take offense at is what many reviewers have pointed out: this just seems like a generic shooter with the RE name slapped on it. I like it when developers take risks and take their games into new directions and genres, but if you’re going to do that make sure you don’t completely ruin what makes the game series good in the first place by delivering a mediocre product.

I’ve been a big RE fan ever since I played the masterpiece that was RE4. And I know that many purists will argue that I’m not a true fan since I joined after the series had supposedly jumped the shark. Well to those people all I can say is “you’re small time.” If it wasn’t for RE4 then the series would of died off long ago. I understand that many are upset that the series is more action focused right now and that its not really RE anymore, with Resident Evil 5 being the worst offender and not providing a single scare in the whole game. But I still quite enjoyed both games a lot, not because of the scares, but because of the universe and its endearing characters.

That to me is what makes RE a fun and engrossing experience, seeing these characters that we have been with for over decade getting into ever more ridiculous situations. RE: ORC seems to lack that quality and I’m not too excited to play it, but I will have to see for myself. I really hope, though, that this is not an indication of how Resident Evil 6 will turn out.

Source: Metacritic

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