“The April issue of CoroCoro magazine has begun to leak. The scans include the boxart for Pokémon Black and White 2, featuring Kyurem’s newly revealed formes, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. The magazine also promises that these two games will be an all-new adventure.”  -Bulbanews

These games are something that I’m looking forward to, even if Black and White may have left me somewhat disappointed, I won’t lose faith in Gamefreak. They’ve always been very consistent with the quality control of their titles, and the reason they’re releasing these games is because they care about the story (though it doesn’t seem to show so far). I don’t really understand what they’re thinking, but I’ll hope that these installments help to redeem a couple of the problems I had with Black and White.

That being said, these legendaries on the box art do look better than the ones in the previous titles(in my opinion). They’re more interesting to look at, anyway, they don’t look derpy and they don’t appear to have phalluses. They look like something that I’d legitimately want to catch, and not something that I catch because I have to.

Source: Bulbanews