Well guys its Wednesday, so you know what that means… a new episode of the Tester 3 was released yesterday! On this week’s episode we get to see all of our favorite cast members return to talk crap about each other. My favorite part being J-Tight’s reaction to Suzkaiden and Reality’s idea for an alliance; major lulz were had. We also get to see rare, never before soon footage of the cast playing video….err sorry, footage of Adrianne Curry admitting that her boobs are fake and¬†Kwajamonster chasing J-Tight around the loft with a cockroach. This show truly is a masterpiece of the highest order. By the way Sony, nice job at milking Egorapter’s fame yet again by plastering his image over 90% of your site — stay classy. The full episode can be found after the break.

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