So this week, the Brits are taking a crack at blaming video games for violent behavior.

The Telegraph reports,

    Alison Sherratt, former president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, says growing access to “horrific” games is responsible for an increase in the amount of aggressive behaviour in school playgrounds.

In a speech to the union’s annual conference on Wednesday, she will say that teachers have witnessed the youngest pupils “acting out quite graphic scenes”, including a rise in “hitting, hurting and thumping”.

Many parents are failing to adhere to age-restrictions on the most violent games, she adds, raising concerns that children are growing up desensitised to aggression and bloodshed.

“I would suggest that if children are taking part in this fairly solitary existence this will impact on their speaking and listening skills which, in turn, will impact on their ability to concentrate and learn in school,” she says.

“Sadly, there is a noticeable correlation between the children who admit to playing games and those who come to school really tired.”

So basically they’re pointing their fingers at gaming instead of poor parenting and the fact that kids are violent because that’s just how kids are. You gotta love the consistency of this. Kids were exactly the same 500 years ago as they are now, the only difference being that they were more disciplined back in the old days. But I guess I can’t rag on them too hard, if the teachers blamed the parents then they’d have bigger problems to deal with than raging nerds.
Source: The Telegraph