After five months of teasing and anticipation, including images of a Japanese exclusive 3DS model, the latest Kingdom Hearts game can finally penetrate your 3DS. the official Kingdom Hearts twitter account of North America has given us the American release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: “Sora and Riku will begin their Mark of Mastery exam on July 31, 2012! Get ready, North America!” The game didn’t sell too well in Japan, so hopefully for Square Enix things will bode well for them here.

It’s certainly the most vibrant looking game in the series so far, but it seems like most people just don’t want a Kingdom Hearts game for handheld consoles, but on the other hand I’ve heard about quite a few people buying a 3DS for the sole purpose of getting this game, so we’ll see what happens. I just hope that it’s a good game.

Source: Kingdom Hearts twitter