The highly controversial Grand Theft Auto series may quite possibly be making its way to a store near you, this upcoming October. The notorious franchise has a history of making parents rage and children happy. Well, little Simon will be so happy to know that despite his parents’ disapproval, he will still be shooting up some gangstas, picking up hookers, and trying to emulate the “hot coffee mod” again. GTA V is being developed by Rockstar North Studio. Character animator Alex O’Dwyer an employee of Rockstar North Studio has announced a release date to be sometime this October. If this rumor proves true then it could mean that Rockstar will be releasing two major titles this year; Max Payne and GTA V. Joystiq has reached out to O’Dwyer but hasn’t heard anything yet; but remember, it is Easter Sunday after all.

Either way, if it is true then little Simon won’t have to keep taking out his anger on the Halo 3 or Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer… Let’s pray that to be case.

Source: Joystiq

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