Last year a free-to-play flash game was uploaded to the internet and created by seemingly one person named Neutronized. This game goes by the name of Sky Island, and has exactly the same concept of mixing 2D with 3D perspectives as in FEZ. The difference is that while FEZ is an artsy game, this game is a puzzle platformer with enemies, obstacles and the ability to lose. Basically the difference is that there’s challenge involved. The game has a strikingly similar art style to FEZ, and the concept of “collecting enough number of X to advance” is in this game as well, only there are stars instead of cubes. Furthermore, the game is actually pretty fun and has decent music. For a game that’s free, it sure seems pretty awesome.

But it’s so similar to FEZ, this just doesn’t rub me the right way. Something fishy is going on here. Somebody is ripping off somebody else and I’m not sure who it is, but this game was released about a year ago so maybe FEZ is somehow secretly based on it? Either that or Sky Island is a stolen idea… It’s also interesting to note that the beginning of FEZ does in fact take place on a sky island… Heck, the game is filled with sky islands. I really don’t know what’s going on here, but there is no way that the similarity between these two games is a coincidence. There has to be some connection, I’m just unsure of what exactly. I smell a mystery to unravel… Anyway, you can check out the game in the source link below and decide for yourself. It might be prudent to spread the word about this situation, it’s got suspicious written all over it.

Source: Neutronized