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So Bethesda’s new game in the works in collaboration with Arkane Studios is going to take it’s place in the market for games that involve being a rebel against an oppressive force and jumping across rooftops assassinating guards. It’s probably going to be similar in appeal to Assassin’s Creed in that way, only it’s a first-person game. From what I can gather from the description of this game and the video, you take the role of a man who used to be the body-guard for the Empress of the nation that everybody really liked, that is, until she was killed and you got framed for it. While imprisoned, a mysterious man gifts you his power so that you may fight for revenge against the state and all their wrong-doings. The world in this game is a very gloomy place. There are piles of human corpses everywhere due to a plague, and the police are apparently constantly herding up contaminated people and spraying them with napalm. Something tells me that the police in this game may be soulless bastards, not 100% on that though. They all have the same face in the trailer so they might just be clones, it’s a plausible theory. But the fact that Arkane Studios is working on this game makes me feel like it could be pretty special. Bethesda and Arkane are both very interested in making immersive first-person shooter type games.

This new game is officially labeled by them as a “First-Person Action Game” the term “Action” implies that shooting is not the most prominent element of the combat from your perspective, and the fact that the entire concept of the combat in the trailer implies that you can manipulate time and space around you and overwhelm gunmen with your powers speaks to the gamer in me that’d rather hit things up close and personal than shoot with a gun. I also would love to see more parkour-type gameplay¬†√† la Mirror’s Edge. Since the trailer implies that the ground has lots of electric things that destroy you, it’s likely that jumping across rooftops will be a prominent element in the game. I’m pretty okay with this idea. I love doing that, as long as it flows nicely and feels smooth. Like in the Assassin’s Creed games. The addition of cool background music helps a lot too, makes the player feel really awesome. So let’s definitely hope for that. Overall the concept seems okay. Many of the comments on the video echo the words “Assassin’s Creed: Mirror’s Bioshock” and that is indeed what the trailer makes it look like, but I’m okay with a game that’s exactly like that idea.

Source: Bethesda