Another major release for the Xbox 360, another case of multiple discs. After numerous titles in the past, such as L.A. Noire, Final Fantasy XIII, and recently Mass Effect 3, it looks like Max Payne 3 will also be joining the ranks of games too big to fit on 1 DVD. In the case of Max Payne, Rockstar tells us via Twitter that one disc will contain the multiplayer and half of the single player campaign, while the other disc will hold the second half. They also go on to state that with rental services like Red Box, they will only rent out the first disc with the half campaign and multiplayer, which makes no sense at all. Gamers will only get half the story and will end up so confused and pissy! Redbox, however, are including a disclaimer so as not to get sued into oblivion.

I can be quite lazy sometimes, but this is one thing that has never bothered me too much. Switching discs every dozen hours or so is not the end of the world. However, I think that Microsoft better bite the bullet and include a Blu-ray drive in the next Xbox and finally let the DVD die off. If not for the convenience, then for all the nice benefits that come a long with a much larger format. For one, the games could include uncompressed HD video so that cut scenes don’t end up looking pixelated and blurry (looking at you Final Fantasy XIII and Gears 3). In addition, there’s also more room to store higher resolutions textures. This would solve the problem that Battlefield 3 dealt with last year with 360 owners having to download an “HD Texture Pack,” just so that the game wouldn’t look like complete garbage.

Finally, there’s also space for uncompressed high quality audio as well, which games like Metal Gear Solid 4 took plenty of advantage of (so much, in fact, that they even referenced it in the game itself). Overall, besides the obvious benefits, having multiple discs just makes my poor Xbox 360 look very inferior to that slick, black PS Triple. Remember Microsoft, if you go with Blu-ray then you’ll have a much better chance of stealing more of Sony’s exclusives!

Source: Destructoid, NeoGAF

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