Resident Evil’s creator Shinji Mikami has revealed that he is working on his first title from his Tango Gameworks studio, which is supported by Bethesda Softworks. The name of the project is “Zwei” which is German for “two,” but he stated that the name doesn’t have any connection to the game’s content; implying that it may just be a codename for the project. The game is going to be pure survival horror, and unsurprisingly Mikami is going to draw from his past successes in the Resident Evil series.

The game is currently in the very early stages. It seems that all there is so far is concept art (shown above), or at least that’s all we are allowed to see. He’s been rather quiet about the project until just recently, when he gave an interview to Famitsu. Acting as Executive Director for the game, he said that he wants the game to live up to expectations and he prefers to delve into survival horror because it’s his area of expertise. That’s perfectly understandable. The game is likely to release on HD consoles and Bethesda will handle the publishing for the game.

Source: Andriasang