The developers for République have announced that they will also be releasing PC and Mac versions of the game after a huge amount of requests from supporters of the iOS game on Kickstarter. They also stated in a press release that the game would feature “new gameplay, controls, and story elements custom-tailored to the unique strengths of the PC and Mac platforms.” So that means that it won’t simply be a port, they’ll tailor make each version for each platform.

The Kickstarter already has over $102,000 as of this writing, and hopefully this news will attract many more donors to achieve the $500,000 goal within the next 14 days. I sincerely hope that they get this game made, the idea of it, as well as the style, reminds me of more classic story-driven games that aren’t really a popular choice among developers, but the game is just so unique in the way that it implements it’s core mechanics that I just want to play it to get a breath of fresh air.

Source: Game Informer