The Code Geass spin-off “Akito the Exiled” has finally been set for release on August 4. This Code Geass project was first announced around two years ago, and a release date had never been set until now. It is being directed by Kazuki Akane; most famous for directing Escaflowne and Noein. He is accompanied by screenwriter Shigeru Morita (Gundam Seed, Toward the Terra), Takahiro Kimura who once again adapts Clamp’s character designs, and Akira Yasuda returning as mechanical designer. Apparently, Goro Taniguchi and Ichiro Okochi aren’t directly involved in this. This announcement also misses one note; how much of the project will be screened at a time.

Singer and composer Ichiko Hashimoto (RahXephon) announced via a blog post last month that the anime will be an OVA-theater-only release. That’s an interesting turnabout, because typically OVA’s are released on video first, then aired on TV, but not in theaters. She also mentions how this spin-off is comprised of four 50-minute episodes which will be screened in theaters first, then released on video every three months.

In all honestly, that sounds stranger than fiction. I mean, why don’t they just release the entire OVA series combined as a film feature? This was the case for Macross Plus, and Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. It can be done…. Just who knows why this isn’t what they should be doing. Either way, here at [weeaboos with controllers], we are huge fans of the entire series, thus expect future updates on this anime spin-off.

Source: Official Site via Anime News Network

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