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To the surprise of absolutely no one, a sequel to Activision’s best-selling FPS Call of Duty: Black Ops, has been in the works. Today, a visually impressive trailer was unleashed on the Internet. The latest Call of Duty takes place in a period of time previously avoided by the series: the future. The year is 2025, and all manner of high-tech hell has broken loose — again. Treyarch is developing the title, suggesting that Infinity Ward may be working on another entry in the franchise.

The trailer seems to focus primarily on the single player campaign, showcasing a variety of set pieces, some of which I never expected to see in a modern CoD title (horseback riding?). A world-weary narrator describes a world just shy of nanomachines, where technology has advanced to a point that humans are seemingly removed from the battlefield. Predictably, our reliance on these machines prove to be our greatest weakness, prompting black ops specialists to clean up and set things straight. Story aside, the game’s new toys and weapons are certainly intriguing and I’m eager to see just how they handle in multiplayer. Expect more news and information to debut in the coming months, and no doubt at this year’s E3.

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