Most big budget Hollywood movies featuring super heroes have a video game tie-in these days. Batman Begins had one, as did  Iron Man 1 & 2. Even Captain America and Thor got their own little adventures on consoles. With the release of The Avengers, one of the most epic and thrilling super hero flicks ever made, one would expect a video game to go along with it. Well a game now looks to be a very real possibility.

According to Fusible, a few days ago on May 3rd a new domain was registered through the brand protection company MarkMonitor titled And of course the domain was registered by Marvel Characters, Inc. so its very legit. So we have a title, but we also have a pretty good at who’s making it as the domain is showing up on Ubisoft’s servers. What exactly the game will be, though, is a mystery. It could be a full console release or a Facebook game.

After seeing The Avengers last night in 3D, I was simply blown away. The movie attempts to pull off the impossible of bringing all these great characters together, and it thoroughly succeeds. But while I enjoyed the movie, there’s a very good possibility that the game will end up being very mediocre like previous movie licensed games. I’m hoping for the best though. If the game is at least somewhat fun then I’ll probably give it a shot just so I can get my Avengers fix.

Source: Fusible

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