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So the first actual trailer was finally released for this game, and it looks better than expected. I love the new animations for the parkour elements of the game, they look so fluid. One thing I’ve been noticing about how Ubisoft markets this series is that despite having a heavy emphasis on the story, they still surround their games with a lot of hype to attract new players who would pretty much have no idea what was going on unless they started from the beginning, which ultimately makes my life more stressful because I don’t like it when good stories get spoiled for people. Maybe that’s just me, though.

Ranting aside, I really love the way this game looks, although it’s called a gameplay trailer, there is definitely some footage in there that is not gameplay, like the scene where he gets attacked by a friggin’ bear. Which is awesome but I don’t think it would look quite as impressive as a gameplay element. We also get to see some of the cool new moves with the “chain knife” weapon that Connor carries, and it appears that you can hang opponents on branches or beams with it. A pretty dramatic way to kill somebody if you ask me, but I’m not complaining. Assassin’s Creed is always better with dramatic assassinations.

Source: Ubisoft