As of this writing, Camouflaj + Logan’s Republique on Kickstarter is 20 hours away from completion, and the funds are at $424,910 and rising. The set goal is $500,000. If that goal is not reached then the project will be cancelled and all of the money will be returned to the backers, and if the goal is reached then it will be something special to remember. I really very much want to remember this game fondly.

This Kickstarter is more than a project with a simple name and little details. The idea is clearly presented, and it’s a great idea. The dev team is filled with industry veterans as well, it would just be really depressing if this game doesn’t get made, especially since it is basically the most serious-looking project on the entire Kickstarter roster, and we know that the people who are working on it definitely know what they are doing. Within the past 10 hours, the funds jumped up by about $63,000, if that pace keeps up for the next 20, then we will see this Kickstarter as a success. Fingers crossed people.

Keep Hope alive.

Source: Kickstarter