Sony recently announced that their shares have hit a 31-year low in the company’s history from a record annual loss of ¥456.7 billion ($5.71 billion). Kaz Hirai, the newly appointed president of Sony, will have to tackle a slew of serious problems that the company is being crippled by right now. But while he has been coming up with a plan it has failed to convince investors and analysts don’t have high hopes for the future of the company.

“Sony is facing a lot of difficulties and the new president has not been able to produce a clear plan as to how he will turn around the company,” Yuuki Sakurai of Fukoku Capital Management told the BBC website. “Even the little that investors have heard, they are not very impressed with.”

Not the best news, Sony has just been doing too many things incorrectly, both in the gaming department as well as the television department. As far as games go, we all know they aren’t always the best at pushing for lots of good software content on their platforms. They did so great with the PlayStation and PS2 but after that, things changed. Sony has been making so many mistakes right in front of their audience that it has become almost laughable. I sometimes wonder how the company manages to make such trivial mistakes.

Granted Nintendo is lately guilty of many of the same things, they still manage it better than Sony. If Sony actually died off, maybe we’d see less major console platforms, that might be less constraining on everybody’s minds and wallets. Though, I doubt that will happen, they’d probably sell the PlayStation rights to another company before going out of business and then whatever company acquired it would continue to make playstation products. Whatever happens though, we know Sony won’t make an easy time of it…

Source: BBC