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While Beyond Good & Evil 2 may not be arriving until possibly the next-generation of consoles, at least we now a better look at what it might look like. No, the video above is not new per se, it was shown to the press in a closed event back in 2009. Until today, however, the best footage of this was a crappy version that someone filmed on their phone. Seeing in HD, I gotta say that this environment fly-through video looks quite good for a game so early in development. I especially love the atmosphere and music which of course is heavily inspired by India and its culture; something that video games rarely explore.

The environments are gritty and realistic which is definitely a huge departure from the original game’s more cartoony stylized look. Again, though, I’m thinking it’s going to be a quite a while before we get to see the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil, one of gaming’s most under appreciated gems. This year’s E3, though, wouldn’t be a bad time for Ubisoft to give us a little update on how the title is coming along.

Source: UnSeen64 via Kotaku

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