Minecraft’s launch on the Xbox 360 was met with overwhelming success to the point where it has already sold more copies than any digitally distributed game ever on the Xbox 360. It hit 1 million sales in it’s first week despite the $20 price tag and the fact that the 360 version is an old beta stage of the game (version 1.6.6 to be precise) which lacks a lot of content that we would come to expect of the PC version.

I have a hypothesis of what contributed largely to the sales of the game despite the fact that it’s objectively inferior to the PC version and that they released an unfinished version of the product. My theory is that all of the young prepubescent boys who play things like CoD and Halo on their 360s are the same sort of people who make up a very large percentage of Minecraft’s fanbase as well.

And so since there are so many children with Xbox 360′s, it’s only natural that they would impulsively buy a game that is nowhere near worth it’s asking price. Seriously, I mean I enjoy Minecraft, but I would never pay $20 for a beta version, that’s just nonsense, and being unable to change the texture pack would be the final straw for me. The default textures are simply ugly as Notch is not exactly an artist.

Source: Major Nelson