Square-Enix is comprised of many stubborn fellows, as reinforced by Tetsuya Nomura, who said that Square-Enix has no plans to remake Final Fantasy VII despite admitting the fact that everyone wants it. He said in a new interview with Famitsu that the company is more concerned with making new Final Fantasy titles that are equal to or even top Final Fantasy VII. Nomura also states that he believes the true successor of the Final Fantasy franchise is Yoshinori Kitase.

During the interview, Nomura also revealed some development trivia about the original game, such as Yufie being a wanted character. You’d see wanted posters of her spread all over Midgar, each with a different face. When she would eventually join your party, she would look like the last poster you had seen. Overall, I agree that Square-Enix should strive to make new original content, but I don’t think they’ve been doing a terribly good job of keeping their newer games up to par compared to their classics. Nomura is saying that they’re trying to make games that are equal to or better than Final Fantasy VII and yet stuff like Final Fantasy XII, XIII, XIV, and so on don’t really come anywhere close to the classic RPG.

Source: Andriasang