I’ve decided to share my thoughts on the animes I’ve been following this season. The titles I decided to watch are as follows; Eureka Seven: AO, Hyoka, Kids on the Slope, Ozuma, and Zetman. How the hell have I been juggling five different titles, only God knows…. It’s not easy… but I’ve been doing my best, and I wanted to let the readers know exactly just how much I’m enjoying or despising these particular titles. The reason why I decided to do it is cause I can’t base my opinion on an entire series just based on the first episode alone. Therefore, my previews are primordially for the readers, and not for myself. When I picked out all five of these animes, I went in blindfolded and willing to withstand all of them ’til the very end. Regardless of whether I like them or not, I will continue to watch them and I will post a review on every single one as I finish them.

So why the thoughts? Well, simply because I stated that I would do previews on multiple episodes not just on one… Personally I find that to be extremely time-consuming and I have to be a bit more cautious with how I’m spending my time right now with work, school, the site, and everything else in-between. Having said that, it is easier for me to type up one of these and tell everybody on how all of these are coming along. In other words, this isn’t the last time I plan on updating everybody on the animes I’ll be following throughout the year (particularly speaking this year’s series).

I think for this time however, it’d be more interesting if I tried something a bit different; as opposed to bore readers with a two-to-three page long editorial on which ones are triumphant and which ones sucketh.

Now, keep in mind that this is how I feel thus far on these series and as such, opinions are most likely subject to change…

With that in mind, I will rank the titles titles from one to four based on how much I’m digging ‘em. Obviously, the first being the best and the last the worst. Let’s see them then:

4) Zetman

3) Eureka Seven: AO

2) Kids on the Slope

1) Hyoka

Ok.. Just for the record, Hyoka isn’t first because of Chitanda’s moe outbursts, and Zetman isn’t last because I hate action animes. It just so happens that so far I think Hyoka is the better of the bunch, followed closely by Kids on the Slope. Eureka Seven: AO manages to reach some low levels of brilliance and then it just goes back to its comfort zone in third place. Unfortunately, one of these four had to be last and that is Zetman’s place. For reasons I won’t mention right this minute, Zetman happens to be weakest out of all, and interestingly enough, I seem to share the same opinion by those who are quite familiar with Masakazu Katsura’s original version. Lastly, the reason why Ozuma isn’t listed is because I still have not yet finished it, and I will do a critique as soon as I do. What can I say about it so far… well, I haven’t even started it! Haha! I know, I’m bad! I will start it soon though, I promise!

So what do you guys think? Agree or disagree with my opinion? Let the flaming commence…

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