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Warning: If you’re not a fan of music which is literally painful to listen to, then I would suggest muting the video.

Now naturally given the timing that this video has been released, one would assume that the content contained within is completely bogus, and yet despite the likelyhood of this (and the fact that the video almost seems like it’s designed to troll the viewers), there appears to be actual gameplay footage of Halo 4. We can see new changes such as a really long sprint time, faster weapons switching and what looks like new weapons? Its to make out through the 360p VHS quality…

Generally speaking, though, the gameplay is boring to watch because, well… It’s a Halo game. Watching multiplayer is hardly ever fun, but it’s especially less fun now, thanks to the sadist that created this video, that little rascal. I’m not going to lie, I’m not anticipating this game, it’s not being marketed as something new to the table, it’s probably going to be “just another Halo game”. This footage doesn’t exactly serve to uproot that belief.