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While I have been urging for one of our beautiful staff members to take a leap of faith and finally try out Day Z (no relation to the rapper), so far there haven’t been any takers. Such a shame too, because if this ArmA 2 mod based on the forthcoming zombie apocalypse is anything like the video above, then this could easily be my game of the year. If only I could actually run anything my on laptop besides crappy flash games.

All I keep hearing about it is praise and incredibly entertaining survival stories from gamers all over the net. And the concept is just so intriguing, it reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but even more brutal and realistic. Of course, knowing me I would just try to find as much soda and canned beans as possible and then hide inside an abandoned building and hope for the best. Eventually another player would discover my corpse and the message I left behind, “Tell Zoey I loved her…oh and the zombies killed God.”

Source: Day Z: IRL [YouTube]

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