John Beiswenger, the latest attention-grabbing patent troll on the block, has chosen to dismiss his charges against Ubisoft and Gametrailers (over the Assassin’s Creed franchise) after he reached a settlement with Gametrailers privately. He stated that his reason was because he chose to focus his financial resources on some “unrelated business matters.” Meaning that he didn’t have the funds to continue the lawsuit because he (supposedly) redirected them towards some other purpose.

My guess is that he probably realized that Gametrailers had nothing to do with his copyright claim during the settlement that he reached with them out of court. And so he decided to put the case down for the time being. I highly doubt that this will be the last we hear of this guy, he went on to say in an official statement, “I filed the Complaint and Motion for Preliminary Injunction in federal court because I believe authors should vigorously defend their rights in their creative works. Otherwise, the laws protecting those rights simply have no purpose. Regrettably, the resources required to defend those rights are unavailable to many individual creators so rampant infringement appears to occur with impunity.” I’d have no qualms with that if he wasn’t claiming ownership of an idea as the grounds for his case.

Source: Gamasutra