It has just been announced on the game’s official forums that the European version of League of Legends has been hacked, and personal information on the players has been taken. Riot Games revealed that hackers took advantage of a specific security flaw which they say has now been fixed.

While no billing information was taken, it appears that things like email addresses, encrypted passwords, date of birth, and summoner names were stolen. A small number of players also had their first and last names compromised, as well as encrypted security questions and answers. Riot will be emailing all European players over the next 24 hours to make them aware of the situation.

While Riot Games took precautions and encrypted their passwords for protection, they say that more than half of them were so simple, that they’re “at risk of easy cracking.” Players are being advised to immediately change their account password, and to make them stronger and more unique. 

Users should also change their passwords on other sites if they use the same one. Hackers will likely try to take the information they’ve retrieved and it use to steal data from other sites whose passwords match. North American players should probably make their passwords stronger as well, just to be on the safe side. Riot Games has apologized for the breach and stated that their investigation is currently ongoing.

Source: League of Legends Forums via GameSpy

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