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Earlier this week, Square Enix released a tech demo showing off its new in-house Luminous Studio engine, now it’s Epic’s turn. What you see above is the Elemental Demo for Unreal Engine 4, an engine that Epic is touting will power games for the next 10 years. And after the wide array of adoption of Unreal Engine 3 in hit game franchises such as Mass Effect, Gears of War, and even Bioshock, I’m inclined to believe them. While Square plans to keep their engine to themselves, Epic is all about sharing.

Visually, UE4 really looks like a very nice leap from UE3. The most impressive aspects being the level of detail and smoothness of fluids like lava, as well as the realistic looking physics while the environment is crumbling. The way it handles particle effects is also very eye pleasing and impressive, especially near the end of the demo with the snow and fire energy. With Unreal Engine 4, Luminous, and of course CryEngine 3, next-gen will be very interesting indeed.

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