DayZ is quickly becoming one of the most popular mods out there. Based on the realistic military shooter Arma II, it strives to create one of the most tense and harrowing zombie games ever, and gamers are loving it; even going as far as creating parodies. However, it seems that someone was not having as much fun, and decided to try to ruin it for everyone else.

The story goes that an individual was able to get himself onto the DayZ server admin team, and after a specific incident, he decided to retaliate by infecting the game’s servers with malicious software, or giving someone else the power to do so. This person gained access to the team’s main email account, found details on the various servers, and then uploaded a file called “dayz_auto_updater.exe” unto the US file host which was later taken down.

This malicious software basically hid itself on the server computers, and turned them into a “botnet” (basically zombie computers) that could be remotely controlled and used to do all kinds of nasty things liked DDoS attacks. The staff was notified of the breach by an email that can viewed here. Both users and server admins are being asked to thoroughly scan their systems for this malware. The person responsible has been already been identified, banned, and might soon face the wrath of the legal system.

Users, however, are bloodthirsty and basically want his head on a platter. The admins are asking them to not reveal the person’s personal information for safety reasons. And they’re smart to do so when some users are making threats such as, “i live 3 hours away from toronto give me his info and it will be done,” and “will have address in an hour stay tuned.”

The only thing that the admins did reveal, was the following list of facts which paint a very sad picture of this individual:

Fun facts:
He once acted to be a female for 3 months to gain donations for a counter strike community.
He makes money by selling runescape gold *w/e the hell that is lol*
He apparently loves mcdonalds…

Whoever this person is, he better be careful as it seems he’s kicked the internet’s hornet’s nest.

Source: DayZ Forums, Kotaku

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