After showing off Twilight Sparkle’s new kart model last month, the PonyKart team now has something even better in store. Apparently they were getting tired of having to create background ponies for the tracks manually. Their solution was to completely overhaul the whole system so that the ponies could be created automatically as necessary.

In order to help create and tweak the ponies, they coded up a small app. They were nice enough, however, to clean it up, and have now made it available for everyone to download and try out. In order to make it work you will need the following installed on your computer: .NET 4.0, DirectX 9, as well as a VC++ x86 redistributable.

Some of those you might have already, and if the program crashes then the team recommends that you install all three before contacting them for help. Once you get it running, its quite nice. You can customize your pony’s body, hair, and eye color, and you can even add your own custom cutie marks using the included Photoshop file. It’s pretty fun to use, and you can find my custom pony above. I call her Blueberry Cupcake!

Source: Ponykart, Pony Creator Tool

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