Almost Human has revealed that they are working on a “Grimrock related” project, that is, a project related to their recently successful indie title, Legend of Grimrock.

The developer gave us some details in an official blog post on some new upgrades to their development hardware as well as info on what they are working on for us. “…it’s still undecided what this project is going to be, but some parameters are certain: we need more monsters and new environments, so that’s what the guys have been up to. We already have a new themed wallset and two fearsome monsters in the pipeline.”

The studio did report that they were considering a number of projects from other companies prior to deciding to work on this one. “We also received some very interesting and tempting offers about other game projects (we can’t talk about the details as they’re covered by NDAs),” The post reads. “It took us some time to evaluate these but in the end we realized that building our own games is the reason why we are here and the success of Grimrock tells us that it is a good reason. So we’re committed to keep working on Grimrock and see where that road leads us. The exact form, whether it be an expansion, a full blown sequel or even something completely different, is still undecided.”

Pretty cool to hear that they’re devoted to adding more content to Grimrock, as many felt it was in need of that. Stay eager for further news on this project.