It looks like the rumors that dropped during E3 were true, Nintendo has announced a brand new member of the 3DS family, the 3DS XL. If you were waiting for the inevitable hardware revisions that the company is known for, well here’s what your patience is getting you. And no, its not a second analog pad, sorry.

The 3DS XL now sports larger top and bottom screens. The top screen has been upgraded to an impressive 4.88 inches and the bottom screen is now 4.18 inches across. That’s a 90% size increase on both. When it comes to battery life, the 3DS XL has also seen some improvements.

The XL will be able to play 3DS games for 3.5-6.5 hours (versus 3-5 hours for the regular 3DS). As for playing DS games, the XL will apparently last 6-10 hours (versus 5-8 hours for its little brother). In an effort to cut costs, the Japanese version (dubbed the 3DS LL) will not ship with an AC adapter, requiring users to purchase it separately. It will, however, work with the regular 3DS charger.


North Americans won’t have to suffer, though, the XL will come with an adapter when its released over here. As for colors for the LL, it will come in three different ones at launch: White, Red & Black, and Silver & Black. The system will hit Japan on July 28 and will retail for ¥18,900. Europe will get the XL on the same day. Us yanks will be able to get our over-sized hands all over it on August 19 for an MSRP of $199.99, and ours will come in Black, Black & Blue, and Black & Red.

Nintendo denied it, Miyamoto said they wanted to stop doing redesigns and focus on a next gen handheld, yet here we are. A little bit over a year, and we have a new hardware revision of their latest handheld. The question is, was it necessary? You tell us.

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