Phil Fish, founder of Polytron and creator of Fez, has been known to display strong emotional reactions when things don’t go as planned, this was evident in Indie Game: The Movie, in which we could witness his bouts of anger and anxiety when things don’t happen quite as hoped. One then could imagine how he is feeling now that the latest Fez patch has been revealed to be broken. 

The patch was added to fix many of the bugs that were previously in the game, and it has, but there is a terrible price for installing the patch. Upon installing it, there is a chance that the game may read your save file as corrupted. Polytron claims to be “floored” that they didn’t catch this critical error before the launch of the patch.

The only solution so far is to clear your Xbox 360 cache, and then play the game offline to avoid installing it again. But there is still a chance that the issue will linger even if you delete the cache, in which case “there is no known workaround.” Long story short, you should probably avoid playing Fez for a while until this issue has been resolved. Fingers crossed folks!

Source: Polytron