In a recent slide show on Microsoft ExpertZone, a site to help retailers get more familiar with upcoming releases, new details on Halo 4 were dropped. The Little English Halo Blog put up all these slides for everyone to see and digest. Some of the information was already known, but now we have a better picture of the game’s ambitious Spartan Ops mode, Halo 4′s episodic downloadable content.

According to Microsoft, Spartan Ops will greatly expand Halo 4′s single player campaign with 5 new missions every week for 10 weeks. Each mission will be introduced with a high-quality cinematic cut scene that will brief the player on the objectives at hand. These first 50 missions will comprise Season 1, which will be completely free. Future seasons will also be made up of 50 mission chunks.

Season 1 will add around 12 hours of extra gameplay, which can be tackled in both single player and co-op. And since its free, Microsoft says that “It’s like getting two campaigns with one game!” Well, it’s certainly a lot of content for free, so players should definitely be satisfied with the game for quite a while. Especially if they continue to release these seasons for years to come.

Finally, the slideshow also has some details on the various tools of destruction that Master Chief will be using. In total, there will be 10 new weapons, along with 2 new vehicles and many returning favorites. Halo 4 will also ship with a total of 10 multiplayer maps. Finally, Master Chief will have “a true nemesis” in the game’s story for the first time, which sounds quite interesting.

Stay tuned for more Halo 4 news as the game gets ever closer to its November 6 release date.

Source: Little English Halo Blog

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