Konami says that the DLCs for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (which are Reverie and Resurrection respectively) were not intended to be made for the game in the first place, and that the development of the content was rushed because the distribution of DLC was requested by higher-ups at the company after the game had already launched and been quite successful.

“The problem was that the game’s success caught everyone by surprise. It caught senior management by surprise and they wanted us to do DLC,” producer Dave Cox said. “We never planned to do DLC, so we ended up doing DLC after the fact and in hindsight that was a mistake. It was rushed. We had to rush it to market.”

Despite the unfinished nature of the DLC, Cox did comment that he felt it was good because of the contributions that it made to the story. Many players didn’t find the DLC to be worth the buy, and instead simply watched walkthroughs on the internet, but if you have played the DLC, you will understand exactly to what extent the content is rushed.

“I think if we were going to do DLC again it would have to be planned right from the get go,” he said. “And it wouldn’t be something that would try to build upon an ending–it would be something that’s perhaps a side story that enriches the original story. If we were going to do DLC again, it would be something much more carefully considered.”

Source: Gameranx via Gamespot