The news has gotten out that 2010′s Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is going to launch on Google Chrome. Yes, that’s right. Google Chrome is capable of running console-quality games seamlessly thanks to “Native Client” which is a plugin for the browser that Google co-developed with Square Enix among other companies. 

As a result of this, Chrome has established itself as a legitimate gaming platform, and I couldn’t tell you how that’s possible, but apparently it must be, because this is happening. Judging from the lineup of games so far, it seems that the easiest games to port to the popular web browser are projects that are developed with the Unity software, as one need simply press a button to make their Unity game compatible with the platform. Whether or not we’ll see things of the graphical scale akin to Final Fantasy XIII on it is a question to be asked.

Source: VentureBeat