Media Molecule has a new job listing up, and according to what it says, they’re currently working on multiple “brand new IPs” which are “even more ambitious” than the Little Big Planet series. Many of the openings which are listed mention that their upcoming titles are “AAA” and intended to launch on “different platforms”.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who knows that Media Molecule is a studio which is owned by Sony. All of their games have released on either the PS3 or PSP, so the idea of them making games for “different platforms” may or may not imply certain things.

Last year, Media Molecule stated that it planned to back away from developing future Little Big Planet titles, but that it would still be involved in the series (perhaps by way of maintaining and updating the currently existing games). The latest Little Big Planet games which we have to look forward to (such as Little Big Planet Karting and Little Big Planet for the PlayStation Vita) have been externally developed by other studios, so what Media Molecule has in store is a mystery to be sure, but may come as pleasant surprises to many when their works are revealed.

Source: Media Molecule