A company by the name of Nensyu Labo which specializes in salary and income analysis has released a ranking chart showing Square Enix at the very top, with it’s employees getting payed ¥21.68 million ($273,057) on average yearly.

The closest second on the list is Sony, which has an average annual salary of ¥9.23 million ($116,253), not even half what Square Enix pays. Nintendo’s average employee salary count is almost the same as Sony’s, at ¥9.14 million ($115,117) per year. The list of the top 10 highest average paying game companies in Japan is as follows:

1. Square Enix - ¥21.68 million
2. Sony - ¥9.23 million
3. Nintendo - ¥9.14 million
4. Sega Sammy Corporation - ¥8.22 million
5. Konami - ¥6.78 million
6. Namco Bandai Holdings - ¥6.4 million
7. Tecmo Koei Holdings - ¥6.15 million
8. Gala Japan - ¥5.91 million
9. Capcom - ¥5.71 million
10. Yuke’s Future Media Creators - ¥5.65 million

According to Andriasang, Nensyu Labo says that it gets its numbers from public filings made by the companies. In addition, they add that some of these numbers a bit suspect and could be way off and may not be representative of how much an average employee actually makes. So while these numbers are interesting, take them with a grain of salt.

Source: Nensyu Labo via Andriasang