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So here’s the latest footage of the highly anticipated next chapter in the Resident Evil series, this time running on a PS3. This gameplay demo from Capcom’s Summer Jam event features Leon S. Kennedy fighting tons of zombies underground in a dark metro/subway.

Some interesting things to note is that finally it’s confirmed that you can turn off the game’s intrusive waypoints if you wish, a nice option that I’m glad has been implemented. There also appears to be a game mechanic that encourages zombies to try to grope poor Leon as much as possible; thankfully the game has an M rating so it should be okay.

Finally, is it just me or is anyone else wondering why there’s so many zombies running around with axes? What, did they rob the Raccoon City Fire Department or something? Not like it matters, as it appears that they end up impaling themselves with their own weapons half of the time.

The gameplay is looking a bit clunky and rough around the edges, but hopefully this is old code and most of these issues are being fixed. The fact that the person demoing the game isn’t very good or is playing badly on purpose also doesn’t help matters. Either way it’s yet another peek at Resident Evil 6, so let us all celebrate by snacking on some Jill sandwiches!

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