Perfect World Entertainment has brought their so far critically well-received game Blacklight: Retribution to Steam, and it’s still free-to-play. The game is a first-person-shooter that prides itself in it’s vast variety of customizations for the guns and armor in the game. The business model for the micro-transactions is also very clever and should help to avoid any feeling of grind in order to unlock things without spending real money.

The game allows any new player to easily unlock enough points to rent a powerful gun on their first day of play, and the rental usually lasts for 1 day. The result is that anyone is able to be on equal competitive footing with the people who do spend money on the more powerful parts in the game right from the start, and meanwhile they can gradually earn in-game points to permanently unlock individual gun parts if they choose to do so.

Blacklight: Retribution first launched in April, and it will no doubt be met with more success now thanks to it’s arrival on Steam. The game also includes a Portal-themed gun tag which is awarded to any player who reaches level 5. Gun tags in the game are essentially small ornaments that you hang from your gun, and they provide very small buffs to it.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment via GamesRadar