The realistic sword fighting game on Kickstarter has been sufficiently funded right before the end of it’s deadline, reaching the goal of $500,000. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this project since it’s inception, so this is really exciting for me.

Neal Stephenson (pictured above), the leader of the project and science fiction historical novelist has shown us many updates over the course of the month. These explained how they plan to handle the game’s development, what direction they’re going in with the gameplay, and the few issues that come along with motion controls.

This project aims to turn the typical conventions of melee combat in video games on it’s head, and step things up a notch because there are people who want to see it happen. If gamers can have super realistic shooters, then they can have super realistic fighters as well. Maybe we’ll see the SDKs made from this engine put to good use, and there’s a pretty likely chance that the game will launch on steam when it finishes, so this should be very interesting to watch as it unfolds. As far as video games go, it’s easily history in the making.

Source: Kickstarter