Update: It’s official, check out the first gameplay footage of Ada Wong’s campaign!

The Resident Evil 6 demo that came with Xbox 360 copies of Dragon’s Dogma has been available for almost a week now, and in that time gamers have discovered some interesting tid bits. For one, there’s a possibility that players might be able to step into Ada Wong’s dress in the full game.

Users on NeoGAF and GameFAQs have discovered through digging through the demo’s files that Ada appears to be a playable character in RE6′s campaign. She might offer yet another perspective to the game’s story, along with Leon, Chris, and Jake.

The files suggest that she will once again have her trusty grappling gun which players might remember from Resident Evil 4. In addition, she seems to have a partner dubbed ‘Helper.’ The gaming sleuths have also found information on a character named Carla who they believe might be the actual identity of this partner. The Japanese collector’s edition of the game hinted at a final playable character, so Ada might be it.

On top of all this, gamers also uncovered the multiplayer modes that might be in the game. Mercenaries appears to be back as previously revealed, but there’s also RE5′s Slayers, something called Siege, and new modes called No Hope/Last Stand and Agent Predator/Ustanak (an enemy which you fight during the demo).

Finally, the game’s full credits were found which show that the original voice actors  for Leon (Paul Mercier) and Ada (Sally Cahill) are not in the game. While that’s sad to hear, the new actor for Leon sounds so much like him that I couldn’t tell the difference, so it should be okay.

Source: Eurogamer via Official Xbox Magazine

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