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The more I see of the ZoE: HD Collection, the more excited I get. This newest trailer out of Comic-Con, though, is simply brilliant. Seven minutes of high speed mech action while the game’s wonderfully catchy “Beyond the Bounds” plays in the background? Yes please!

The trailer focuses pretty much entirely on showing off the second game, ZoE: The 2nd Runner, and we finally get to see plenty of gameplay with the new HD visuals. It looks fantastic, from the character models to the effects; this is how an HD remake should be done.

The only weak aspect shown is the voice acting which is not the greatest, but if you’re a fan of mecha then you have no excuse to not pick up this collection when it comes out. Tomoyuki Tsuboi, President of Konami Digital Entertainment had this to say on Hideo Kojima’s remastered classics.

“We are looking forward to bringing the legendary Zone of the Enders series to fans old and new in a high definition format with the Zone of Enders HD Collection.”

The game is set to launch in Japan later this year. A US release date has yet to be announced, but it should come out sometime in 2012.

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