While Battlefield 3 came out just last year, it appears that EA is already ramping up production on its eventual sequel. This news come from EA themselves, who recently put up a very interesting listing on Origin before quickly taking it down and changing it.

The listing in question can be found above and clearly states that those who pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter, will receive “Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta Access.” A little bit too specific to be a simple error made by a graphic designer. EA has pulled the listing, and instead put up a promotion for their Battlefield 3 Premium Service.

The news isn’t too surprising, while not officially announced, EA has previously mentioned that there would be a sequel. This, though, is the first real confirmation that the game actually exists and will indeed be Battlefield 4. Interestingly enough, a message was posted to the official Battlefield Twitter in response to the matter stating, “Battlefield 4? If it isn’t on Battlefield.com, it isn’t official!” The tweet in question has now been mysteriously deleted.

Who knows if this was an accident or some kind of careful marketing ploy to drum up hype for the game. Either way, chances are good that BF4 is coming and we might just see it in 2013 at this rate.

Source: Digital Spy

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