After Diablo 3 failed to meet the expectations of many gamers, those same individuals quickly turned their attention to Torchlight 2. To many, this is the game that will finally do the Diablo formula justice. The only problem is that its release date is still very unclear.

The action RPG’s release date was changed to “TBA 2012″ late last year, with Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer eventually stating that they hoped to launch the game about one month after Diablo 3. That timeframe has now come and gone, and Runic has responded.

Posting on the official forums for the company, Travis Baldree stated the following on the game’s tumultuous release date.

“Many folks are anxious to see the game released – many have preordered, and want a date! We’ve been deliberately vague on this point. My hope is that if I give you an idea of what we’re doing, what it takes to do it, and the scale of it, it will make it apparent why that is.”

Apparently, the latest delay was simply due to the feedback they received from the game’s beta about the skill system. They decided to do a complete overhaul of it which has now been completed. According to Baldree, the game is essentially done.

“All of the levels are there, stitched together to form a game. There are events, secret rooms, towns, merchants, the works. They all spawn appropriate monsters, boss events exist, quests, etc. The loot is there. The wardrobes. The NPCs. The cinematics. The ‘game’ exists.”

However, Torchlight 2 still requires balancing and lots of polish in order to really make it shine. Runic appears to take this concept very seriously and will continue to polish the game until they believe it’s ready. So no official release date just yet. But stay tuned, as soon as one is announced you can bet that we will cover it.

Source: Runic Forums

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