“It’s been a poor, poor five years for fiction in the video game industry,” according to Viktor Antonov, the art director for Half-Life 2 and Dishonored, as stated in an interview with Eurogamer.

Antonov’s point is mainly directed towards the fact that games are not as generally unique as they probably were in regards to game ideas and style. He notices that people are comparing Dishonored to BioShock, and yet the two games don’t actually share that much in common stylistically or thematically.

“I’m not a harsh critic of games,” Antonov insisted. “I’m extremely happy of where technology has gone. But artists and art directors should make their own life a little bit harder by pushing management to take more artistic risks, and use the technology to a better, higher level. That’s what I’ve been doing and suffering by – I’ve been spending as much time creating, as convincing the people who are financing games how important it is.”

“We were always waiting for the next generation of great worlds or great graphics. Well, great graphics came; the worlds that came with these graphics are not up to the level of the graphics.”

“Graphics used to be an excuse 10 years ago, that we can’t make great worlds. Right now, we have a lot of New Yorks, we have a lot of war games. Please everybody,” he pleaded, “let’s do more science-fiction and more crazy worlds out there.”

He also commented that he feels game developers should try to focus their games more, instead of spreading their resources thin. “Now a game is trying to pack too many games – narration, music, contemplation, shooting – that they lose the experience.”

Source: Eurogamer