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Dishonored is already looking to be a highly original first-person stealth game, and this latest trailer just reinforces that idea. It set ups a scenario and then shows how the player can handle it in three distinct ways.

There’s the more action oriented escape involving assassinations and long range teleportation jumps. Followed by the more stealthy approach of putting enemies to sleep, looking through peep holes, and hiding bodies. Finally, there’s the possession route which is the stealthiest of the three. Here your character can travel into the bodies of enemies and use them to quietly make your fishy escape.

It looks to be a very open ended experience which should definitely lend itself to multiple playthroughs. The game of course is also looking great thanks to the art direction of Viktor Antonov, who previously worked on Half-Life 2. Dishonored is under development for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It will land in North America on October 9.

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