In a recent post on the Capcom-Unity forums, a user by the name of “SamusTheHedgehog” raised complaints about the the lack of friendliness to newcomers in Capcom’s fighting games. Whilst showing enthusiasm for titles such as Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3, the user expressed qualms that the games do nothing to convey how to  play them to the fullest beyond a simple practice mode. Without the ability to research these things on the internet, a player may very well find themselves running into a wall which they should be able to vault over without any issues.

Senior Vice-President at Capcom Christian Svensson took the liberty of posting a reply in the thread regarding the points raised, and instead of defending Capcom’s current habits with the series, he agreed with what SamusTheHedgehog  had to say. “I’d say we have varying levels of success in making sure there’s enough content and fun in the mechanics even if you don’t know how to plink, FADC or DHC,” Svensson said. “[Street Fighter X Tekken] was intended to be a bit more casual friendly and frankly, I think with the introduction of so many new systems … we probably overcomplicated things and it worked against that objective.”

“I know some competitive players will scoff, but the vitality of the scene is linked to how successful we all are (I say all because the community needs to be accepting of new players too) in these efforts.” And he concluded by saying, “I’d like to think we can do better in the future.”

Source: Capcom-Unity