After getting delayed last week, Left 4 Dead 2′s Cold Stream DLC has been given a new release date of August 3. While it arrived on time for PC and Mac, the Xbox 360 version of Cold Stream was delayed apparently due to a match making issue that showed up at the last minute. The DLC then had to be re-certified by Microsoft before it went up, which Valve said was pushed through much quicker than usual and will be up on Friday.

Valve said on the official Left 4 Dead Twitter the following, “We are set for the tittle update and the Cold Stream DLC to be released this Friday.” The DLC pack, which comes with 5 campaigns and an update to allow all mutations to be active at all times, will cost 560 MSP and will be around 1GB in size. To be able to play with the mutations, players will still need to have The Passing DLC installed.

Still no word on whether the Xbox version will have achievements like the two previous DLC packs, The Passing and The Sacrifice, something which a lot of fans would appreciate. Hopefully all goes well and it does show up on Friday, if it does then my weekend is set.

Source: Twitter

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