Fellow fans of BioShock and Irrational Games, I have some bad news to report. According to sources who’ve talked to Gamasutra, it seems that key members of the studio have left and now the state of the game is in question. Not the news we wanted to hear after the game’s delay a few months ago.

The first member in question is Tim Gerritsen, who was director of product development. The second was even more major, it was actually the art director for the game, Nate Wells. He had been with the company for almost 13 years and he was heavily influential to the artistic style of the original BioShock. Both have announced that they’re no longer with the studio.

Wells confirmed it through his Twitter, by changing his bio today to the following, “New Job … Details to follow”. He eventually changed it once members of NeoGAF found it and began speculating about what had occurred. There was also a brief mention on his LinkedIn page that he was employed by Naughty Dog in 2012, leading many to assume that he would join the studio behind Uncharted. Wells eventually changed it, though, and it now reflects that he’s left Irrational.

As for Tim Gerritsen, his LinkedIn page says his employment at the studio ended this month. His duties at Irrational included directly managing the designers working on Infinite and “interfacing with our corporate home base and publishing partners, strategic level partners and vendors, conducting contract negotiation, strategic level planning, hiring and recruitment, and supervising our day to day development.”

There hasn’t been an official statement from either Irrational president Ken Levine or the two former members, but we’ll probably hear something soon. How much this will affect the development of BioShock Infinite is unknown, but there is certainly the possibility that the game might get delayed again and that it won’t make it’s February 26, 2013 release date. Hopefully that won’t be the case, as the game looks extremely promising.

Source: Gamasutra

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