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Wow, two notable Sleeping Dogs articles in one day? Simply magical. This video walks us through the game’s PC features, first noting that the game will only feature a digital release in North America, with a retail and digital release planned for Europe. They guarantee that the game can run at 60 frames-per-second at 1080p (which is the minimum standard for many PC gamers), and not surprisingly, the game utilizes DirectX 11 in order to accomplish this performance.

Sleeping Dogs for the PC will also be coming with an HD texture pack from day one (which is, again, another huge plus). Square Enix even mentioned that they partnered with Valve so that if you pre-order the game on steam, you’ll get some exclusive Sleeping Dogs content in TF2, and some Valve-related content in Sleeping Dogs. For iformation on the game’s minimum spec requirements, you can visit¬†the game’s official website.