The producer of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada, has been quite outspoken on a number of topics over the past few months. From talking about Tekken characters in the next Smash Bros., to saying that the Wii U Gamepad is distracting for fighting games. In a recent interview with, Harada once again gave his thoughts, but this time on the possibility of a one-console future.

“For a long time, the game industry has been able to control the way people play games,” he said, speaking through a translator. “There was a platform that people used solely for their gaming needs, and the industry had control of the trends and such that occurred.”

Harada says that’s no longer the case, however, especially with the rise of web browser and mobile games that are gaining massive popularity.

“People are able to not be tied down by consoles,” he said. “And it doesn’t stop with phones, we have browser gaming and all these different platforms.”

He goes on in the interview to praise Sony for at least removing region locking on the PS3, so that fans have easier access to games developed overseas. He believes, though, that if the big three gaming behemoths were to combine their forces, then amazing things could happen.

“I think it would be interesting if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo got together just to make one console,” he said. “It makes me very happy to think about all the possibilities that could occur because of that.”

The possibilities indeed could be endless. There would be no more exclusives out of reach, every console gamer would be under one banner, and they would be connected together in one giant online community. It makes me tear up just thinking of such a future. Of course, the chances of it happening are very slim, but there’s no harm in dreaming.


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